Friday, 30 June 2017

...adventure, uncertainty and sheer boldness!

I am always delighted to touch base with the lovely folk who have contributed stories to You Won't Remember This. Sometimes this is in person. I managed to get a picture of myself, Helen Sheil (aka my mum) and Sarah Dyer at the opening night of the My Mother is an Artist, and you can read my overview of the evening for Lothian Life if you like.  

Helen Sheil, Sandy Bennett-Haber and Sarah Dyer

Then a few days later I received a lovely email from another contributor - Stacey Campbell, amongst other things she let me know she had finished the reading the book, and she had such a warm response I asked her if I could share her thoughts here: 

Contributor Review of You Won't Remember This- Stacey Campbell

I am delighted to say I have finished reading the collection and was completely taken by its simplicity, colour and warmth!
What a beautiful collection - filled with elements of adventure, uncertainty and sheer boldness! The diversity of inclusions make it fascinating in terms of content and tone. I loved how the experiences blended seamlessly together, united in terms of the connection and meaning behind life and parenthood. I especially enjoyed this despite the inclusions having such different contexts - not merely geographical but also cultural, social, familial, personal. The list goes on!
As someone who has travelled and who is not a parent (but who has reflected carefully on the subject), I delighted in reading it and concluded the book with complete satisfaction and a wide smile which my friend commented on while we were on holiday! It was a pleasure to read and I am so thrilled to be part of it!

Stacey Campbell
Stacey Campbell is a contributor to You Won't Remember This – travel with babies. She graduated with a degree in History from the University of Glasgow in 2015. Always a keen writer, her storytelling was sparked by a childhood love of Roald Dahl and the power of her imagination to conjure impossible things. Still a lover of Roald Dahl and all things strange, she lives her life by the motto ‘be kind, thankful and bold’. In her free time, she enjoys reading Sylvia Plath, walking her dog and planning her next adventure. She is an ardent feminist and writes on a variety of topics. 

Stacey interns for She Works. Read her recent article CV BOOST Why You Need to Volunteer and How

You can also  read her article for the FT Magazine: 7 Years Left  

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