Friday, 24 February 2017

I will teach my children lies

Winter, Jean Antoine Houdon, 1787

I will teach my children lies

I will teach them that a mothers love and a fathers love can protect them from everything.

That by treating others with respect they in turn will be respected.

That by doing their bit to protect the environment, conserving resources and treading lightly on the earth they can make a difference.

I will teach my children the lie that hard work and determination equals success.

That the world is safe.

That Art matters

That love conquers all

That their opinions count and so do other peoples.

That laughter is the best medicine.

That anything is possible.

That there is a happily ever after.

That the people we love never truly leave us.

That we are all winners.

That superman will always come to the rescue (or Paw Patrol or Octonauts or whatever next weeks obsession is).

That villains always get what they deserve.

That love will find a way.

That I will always catch them when they fall.

I will teach them the lie that character, loyalty, friendship and generosity are more important than where they go to school and how much money their father earns.

That a persons gender, race, choice of lifestyle and life partner makes no difference whatsoever to their worth as a human being.

I will teach them that we can all live in peace.

I will teach my children lies 

and perhaps in doing so

my lies will become the truth.  

Charity after Reni, John Keyse Sherwin

What Lies do you teach your children? Are there any you would like to add?